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Freedom Fighter

Freedom Fighter, CF-116A/F-5

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(photos courtesy of the Department of National Defense)

Tail #:  116721
Dimensions:  Wingspan: 7.87m, Length: 14.38m, Height: 4.01m
Max Weight:  9 249 kg
Max Speed:  1 204 km/h
Crew:  1 pilot in ejection seat
Role:  Fighter (Tactical), Trainer
In service:  1968-1995
with the museum since 1997

The museum’s Freedom Fighter initially served as a tactical fighter and trainer for 434 Squadron in Cold Lake. In 1976, it was transferred to 419 ‘Moose’ Squadron, where it was used primarily for training. The paint scheme for 116721 commemorates the history of ‘Moose’ Squadron and recalls the colors of the national flag.

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