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Boeing Vertol
Labrador, CH113

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(photos courtesy of the Department of National Defense)

Tail #:  11315
Dimensions:  Rotor Diameter: 15.20m Length: 25.40m
Max Weight:  9 706 kg
Max Speed:  270 km/h
Crew:  2 pilots, 1 flight engineer, 2 SAR techs, up to 18 passengers
Role:  Transport, Search & Rescue
In service:  1963-2004
with the museum since 2004

The museum’s Labrador was one of the last three to fly in Canada. It was put into service in 1965 and initially served with 450 Squadron in Uplands (Ottawa). This Labrador was originally designated as ‘Voyageur,’ a helicopter specifically designed for army transport. It was gradually modified with Search and Rescue equipment and was later officially re-designated as ‘Labrador.’ It served 424 Squadron in Trenton before its retirement in 2004.

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