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Tracker, CP-121, CS2F

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 (photos courtesy of the Department of National Defense)

Tail #:  1545
Dimensions:  Wingspan: 21.23m, Length: 12.88m, Height: 4.96m
Max Weight:  10 984 kg
Max Speed:  532 km/h
Crew:  2 pilots, 2 crew
Role:  Anti Submarine Warfare, Patrol
In service:  1956-1989
with the museum since 2003, donated by Byron Reynolds  

Tracker aircraft were purchased by the Royal Canadian Navy to be used on aircraft carriers. However, when the carrier was phased out in 1969, the Tracker’s role changed from anti-submarine to coastal patrol. The museum’s example was one of the first Trackers built by DeHavilland and has served with every squadron in the Canadian navy.

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