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Artefact Donations FAQ

What is a Donation Agreement?
A Donation Agreement is a type of contract that outlines the full transfer of ownership of items to the Museum. It is signed by both the donor and a representative of the Museum. The National Air Force Museum of Canada is part of the Department of National Defence, as a non public entity. All donated items become public property and thus crown assets.

Am I entitled to an income tax receipt?
Once the Donation Agreement is signed by the donor, curatorial staff will issue an income tax receipt, if so requested. Based on Canada Revenue Agency requirements, the receipt has to reflect the fair market value of donated artefacts. This means that all items have to be appraised by the Museum staff and, if necessary, other recognized appraisers. In some cases, the appraisal may be a long process and therefore the income tax receipt delayed.

Will the artefacts be displayed?
The decision to display all donated artefacts depends entirely upon the Museum’s exhibitions policy, therefore not all items are directed to the showcases.

What happens to items that are not on display?
All donated artefacts are catalogued into the Museum’s database and stored in a climate controlled environment. The Museum’s collection not on display can be accessed by donors, however arrangements with Museum staff is required in advance.

In addition, some of the artefacts may be loaned out to accredited institutions as part of the Museum’s regular exhibition activity and/or outreach programs.

Can I borrow the donated artefacts back once they have been donated?
In general, because of the increased risk of loss or damage, the Museum does not lend objects to individuals.

What if I change my mind?
By signing the Donation Agreement, you are transferring full ownership of the item from yourself to the Museum in perpetuity. If you have any concerns, please contact us before signing.

Will the artefacts be kept forever?
The Museum’s collections policy contains a strong directive against the disposal of objects from its collections. However, in exceptional circumstances, the Museum may dispose of items, in accordance with the museums Code of Ethics.

Are books and magazines accepted as donations?
The Museum does accept book and periodical donations; however, we require a list of the books prior to accepting donations. This helps us eliminate duplications of our holdings. In such cases where titles are considered unsuitable or it duplicates what is already held in the library, the donor is given the option to donate them to the Museum’s gift shop, where all profits go to the Museum fund. As with artefact donations, a donation agreement will be issued, and if requested, an income tax receipt.

What happens if the Museum closes down?
The Museum’s collections are held in trust for the Canadians and, in the event of permanent closure, we would expect the collections to be transferred elsewhere within the Canadian cultural network.