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Parallel Exhibit

CF Combat Camera Present “Parallel” Exhibit

Parallel lr

Parallel 02 lrThe Canadian Forces Combat Camera (CFCC) presents “Parallel” exhibit at the National Air Force Museum of Canada (NAFMC) at CFB Trenton, Ontario from November 3, 2015 to March 30, 2016.

The end of Canadian Armed Forces` (CAF) operations in Afghanistan, in March 2014, sparked an idea within the CFCC team, as they seen an opportunity to draw parallels between that historic mission and the Canadian military`s extraordinary undertakings a century earlier.

As the centennial of the First World War draws closer, CFCC wanted to contribute to Canada`s commemoration activities. With this in mind, the team worked at choosing 24 photographs, to create a “Parallel” exhibit. These photos present the striking comparisons between imagery taken by CAF members during the First World War, and those taken during a decade of CAF’s mission in Afghanistan.

This exhibit acknowledges the service and professionalism of the men and women of the CAF throughout the century.

CFCC requested First World War photos from the Canadian War Museum showing the troops’ daily lives during the war. Then the CFCC Production and Distribution team matched those images with photos taken during the decade of Afghanistan mission to present comparisons between those first images recorded in the trenches a 100 years ago, and those photos taken in conflict during the 21st century.

“While this was an important undertaking, the project presented a challenge for the team,” said Captain Chris Daniel,” CFCC Production and Distribution Officer. “Due to their current operations-focused mandate, as well as the fact that the current organization has only existed since the mid 1990`s.”

CFCC has been capturing images of CAF operations since 1990, deploying at a moment’s notice to transmit and distribute high quality imagery of our CAF members. They are also a direct link from the front line to the front page for many news agencies.

“Parallel takes you into the heart of two significant periods in Canadian history and pays tribute to all service members both past and present,” said Edison Stewart, Assistant Deputy Minister (Public Affairs).

“This exhibit takes the audience into the heart of these two significant periods of history and presents an opportunity to have a glimpse into the lives of our troops both past and present; it gives the people an opportunity to remember them,” said Capt Daniel.