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Items shown come in a variety of sizes (S-XL) and often in a selection of colours. For more information please contact our gift shop at 613-965-7223 or toll free at 1-866-701-7223.


Youth Roundel t-shirt in
red, green, gold or blue
Product Code: 1750

Youth Grounded t-shirt
Product Code: 1249

Youth Foil Heart t-shirt
Product Code: 1967

Child Green t-shirt
Product Code: 1969

Child Pilot Training t-shirt
Product Code: 1760

Pink Camo Onesie
May be available in green
code : 2338

Youth Aviator Jacket
Code: 2021

Youth Aviation Hat
Product Code: 2395

Mens Wear

RCAF T-shirt

Remove Before Flight t-shirt

RCAF roundell t-shirt

Mens Roundel t-shirt in gold,
green, red or blue
Product Code: 1733

Men Herc t-Shirt

Mens Hornet t-shirt
Product Code: 1152

Mens Dam Buster t-shirt
Product Code: 1530

Assorted Aircraft Caps
Product Code: 1039

Bronze Crest Cap
Assorted Aircraft
Product Code: 1274

Womens Wear

Womens Remove
Before Flight t-shirt
Product Code: 1790

Women's Oshkosh
Airshow t-shirt
Product Code: 2252

Womens Grey Rondel t-shirt
Product Code: 2176

Women planes Shirt
Code :1921

Outer Wear
and Accessories

Mens & ladies RCAF polar
fleece jacket
Product Code: 1904

Unisex RCAF fleece hoodie
Product Code: 1590

Unisex adult flight jacket
Product Code: 1522

Canvas duffle bag
Product Code: 1093

Assorted RCAF Roundel Bags
Product Code: 2606, 1067, 2595

Leather belt with Roundel buckle
Product Code: 1782