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Getting Off the Ground
Have you ever marveled at that colourful butterfly as takes off from a pretty flower? What about that fancy hot air balloon? Why does it fly when it has no wings? Or what about that huge grey airplane? Isn’t it far too heavy to move through the skies? Why do people fly in airplanes anyway? Is it just to go on vacation? See more…



Grade 1

My Neighbour Jumps Out of Airplanes
When there are people in distress, members of the Royal Canadian Air Force are there to help. Since 1947 the RCAF’s Search And Rescue crews have responded to distress calls across Canada, such as rescuing boaters trapped in stormy seas or providing relief for individuals stranded in the freezing cold of the high Arctic. See more…



Grade 2

The Fantastic Flight of the Silver Dart
It all started over 100 years ago, 23 February 1909, when the Silver Dart became the first heavier-than-air craft to fly in Canada. See more…




Grade 3

Materials Mania
The program objective is to analyze the strength and stability of aircraft and investigate how the usage of different materials has influenced aviation technology over the last 100 years. See more…