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Information Wanted

The Restoration Department is currently seeking information on and donations of the following:

Anson Mark II

Cockpit & cabin interior furnishings


Hudson Mark VI

Cockpit instruments

Cockpit & cabin interior furnishings

Pratt & Whitney 1830-69 radial engine mounts, cowlings or accessories

Technical drawings – structural, electrical, mechanical

Technical drawings relating to FK466s conversion to the Air-Sea Rescue role

Uffa Fox, Mark I, Airborne Lifeboat and/or technical drawings

Any information regarding FK466 during its service life

Any information relating to the successful lifeboat drop on 6 July, 1945, to the crew of a B-24D Liberator from RCAF #10 Squadron, Tail Number 595, which had ditched in the Atlantic off Newfoundland, after experiencing flight control problems. We would be specifically interested in finding out the tail number and mission report of the Hudson that made the drop.