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Permanent Exhibits

Mission Statement (October 2016): The National Air Force Museum of Canada is a world-class facility dedicated to preserving, interpreting, providing access to, and educating the public on the history of Canadian military aviation and its contribution to the nation in both war and peace.

Using the Museum Mission Statement as a keystone, the permanent exhibits are designed to chronologically display and tell the story of how Canadian military aviation began and how it evolved into today’s modern air force.

Originally located in a small space in CFB Trenton’s south-side gym, the Museum moved locations  to an old curling rink at 220 RCAF Rd in 1994. The Permanent Exhibits Gallery was housed in the rink until 2014. At that time the Museum began the process of moving all exhibits in the gallery into the Main Expansion Area.

Memorial Corner

memorial-02Upon entering the Museum, the first display you see is the Memorial Corner. Its stained glass window was originally in the chapel on a base in Baden, Germany, where RCAF units were station during the Cold War. Below the window is a Book of Remembrance, which list over 17,000 Canadian Air Force personnel who were killed during training or operations in the Second World War. If the location of their grave is known, whether it is in Canada or overseas, it is listed. If remains were never located then the name of the memorial on which their names is engraved is listed.

Also located in the Memorial Corner is a set of RCAF Colours. This is a duplicate set of the original Colours approved for the RCAF by King George VI in 1949. The Colours were considered “retired” with the termination of the RCAF in February of 1968. They were donated to the Museum in September 1993.

It is fitting that this display is the first of the Museum’s stories. Without those who came before, there would be no Canadian air force and no NAFMC. It is those whose lives and service were given yesterday that built today’s RCAF. We will remember them.