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And so it begins…

The long awaited final phase of construction of the Museum Exhibition Hall (MEH) is underway.

For the past two weeks staff have been clearing and cleaning, sorting and storing. In order to accommodate the construction due to begin at the end of October, everything that can be moved must be secured and stored outside of the work area. The Museum centrepiece, Halifax NA337, of course can’t be removed from the premises, so it must be protected onsite for the coming construction.

Crews of restoration volunteers have be readying the aircraft for the months to come. Last week smaller aircraft and other exhibit items were strategically moved under the Halifax. This allows the much larger bomber to act as protector and shield for the artefacts it now shelters under protective wings.

Once everything was in place, the process of covering the Halifax with protective tarps began.  Over a two day period using lifts, manpower and ingenuity, the aircraft and the artefacts it shelters were wrapped in heavy tarping to provide as much insulation as possible from the soon to start construction.

While the MEH is now closed to the public, the Museum is still open. Staff and volunteers have been reorganizing to facilitate visitors in the Gallery and the Airpark and to ensure that our Education program can continue during the construction process.