Hockey Math

For grades 3-6

The RCAF Flyers team was made up of 17 players.

When the newspapers reported about them, they included their home town as well as their age and their weight.


Dowey              22                     155

King                  28                     155



Dunster             26                     160

Forbes              25                     150

LaPerriere          22                     170

Lecompte          33                     185



Brooks              26                     165

Gilpin                27                     170

Gravelle             20                     150

Guzzo               33                     150

Halder               27                     185

Hibberd             21                     150

Leichnitz            21                     180

Mara                 26                     180

Renaud             27                     165

Schroeter           26                     160

Taylor               28                     175


Here are some math problems for you to solve.

Can you figure out the average (mean) age of the team?

What was its median age?

Can you do the same with the weight of the players?

Average (mean) weight?

Median weight?

And what about the mode? Can you determine that for both the age and the weight?


Here is some help if you need it:

1 – To calculate the average (mean) you need to add all values from the same group and then divide it by the numbers of values you had (so here you add up all 17 values and then divide that number by 17)

2 – To find the median you need to sort all values in order from lowest to highest and then find the one in the middle of that row.

3 – To find the mode, you need to look at your set of values and determine which value is there the most often.




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