The Story of NA 337

In the early morning of April 24, 1945, a 16-year-old boy living in the town of Hamar on the shore of Lake Mjøsa, Norway, heard an aircraft overhead on its landing approach to the lake. That aircraft was a Halifax Bomber, flown by the Royal Air Force. It crashed into that lake, killing five of the six aircrews on board.

Years later, that 16-year-old boy (named Tore Marsoe) and his friend Rolf Liberg decided to locate the aircraft. In 1991, they found it in the lake at a depth of 750 feet (250 metres).

The Halifax was eventually raised from Lake Mjøsa and brought back to Canada, where it took over ten years to restore it to its original glory. It is now proudly exhibited at the National Air Force Museum of Canada.

In 2008 Thierry Damilone created this short feature on Halifax NA337. Sadly, since its filming, both Jeff Jeffery and Lloyd Wright have passed away. It is in their honour that we present this video.


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