5 BX

During the 1960s the RCAF developed two programs, one for men, called the 5BX or 5 Basic Exercises, they also developed one for women known as the XBX or 10 Basic Exercises. It follows an identical layout as the 5BX plan, and is completed in the same way, only it takes 12 minutes as apposed to 11.

The plan is broken down in a very straightforward manner with a convenient “Physical Capacity Rating Scale” to break down each exercise, to give a detailed picture of fitness (at least in the early 1960s). The goal is simple, start with Chart 1, and follow the scale, preform the movement as many times as possible in 2 minutes and see where you land on the scale. Then, move on to Exercise 2, and Exercise 3 and so on. The total workout takes exactly 11 minutes! Once you can do all the movements on one chart in 11 minutes, move on to the next one!

X BX Exercise Plan

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