Artefact Donations


Please note that due to COVID-19, important changes have been made to the artefact donation procedure. Please read the entirety of this page to ensure your safety, as well as that of the staff and volunteers at the National Air Force Museum of Canada.

The National Air Force Museum of Canada is interested in collecting exceptional artefacts to enrich its holdings, as in accordance with its mandate. Therefore, all donated material should be Air Force related and historically significant to the evolution of Canadian military aviation.

Please do not send or bring your items to the Museum unless requested by the Museum to do so.

Walk-in donations will NOT be accepted at this time, in order to ensure the safety of our donors, staff, and volunteers.


The National Air Force Museum requires that all potential donors complete an Intention to Donate form.


All potential donors must provide an itemized listing, with a brief description of every item (e.g. title, timeline, provenance) and photographs of the items in order for curatorial staff to assess the item(s) for potential donation.

Intention to donate Form – Download

All offers are considered.


Once a decision has been made, the curatorial staff will communicate with you to make further arrangements for donating in person or by mail.


Once your donation arrives at the Museum all items will be placed into a 14-day quarantine, and will not be processed into the collection until the quarantine has finished.


If SENDING ITEM(S) BY MAIL: Please note, your package will not be opened until after the quarantine period has finished. Please make sure your name is marked somewhere on the outside of the package, so we can inform you when your package arrives without opening it.  You will be sent an Intention to Donate form for you to sign and include in the package.


If DONATING ITEM(S) IN PERSON: For your safe and the safety of the volunteers and staff, donations will not be discussed in person. Only approved donations will be taken by curatorial staff, where it will immediately be placed in quarantine. If the donors wishes, a phone call or zoom meeting can be set-up before the donation or after the quarantine to discuss the donation and the item(s).


For more information, please visit our COVID-19 Artefact Donation FAQ. If you have any additional questions or concerns relating to your donation please contact:


Please submit all completed Intention to Donate forms to:

Jennifer Dunn Assistant Curator

(613) 965-2511