Grade 1 — My Neighbour Jumps Out of Airplanes

This program connects to the curriculum of  Social Studies, Language, Science and Technology and Arts

Students will learn about search and rescue work.

When there are people in distress, members of the Royal Canadian Air Force are there to help. Since 1947 the RCAF’s Search and Rescue crews have responded to distress calls across Canada, such as rescuing boaters trapped in stormy seas or providing relief for individuals stranded in the freezing cold of the high Arctic.

More than 750 Canadian Forces members are dedicated to Search and Rescue and their contributions are celebrated through a life-size exhibit forming an important component of the National Air Force Museum of Canada.

Learning about the interactions between different people in the community, occupations, and how individuals in key jobs keep us safe are all part of the Canada and World Connections strand of the Grade 1 Social Studies curriculum. Their introduction to the important life-saving work of an RCAF Search and Rescue Technician will give the children in your class a vivid and memorable experience regarding these members of their community.

Students learn more about the role of our Canadian Forces members with a storybook reading, ‘My Neighbour Jumps Out of Airplanes’ and are introduced to the wide variety of aircraft at the museum through an exciting ‘I Spy’ game.

In addition to the Social Studies component of the Grade 1 curriculum, this program also covers elements of Language and Science & Technology, and a take-home activity links to the Arts program.

Program Description


The National Air Force Museum of Canada has created a Student Activity Kit. This kit provides educators and parents with multi-age activities that can be easily modified to suit student needs. Download our Activity Kit and consider implementing the suggested activities below.

Page 4: Connect the Dots (Numerical)

Page 5: Connect the Dots (Alphabetical)

Page 23: All about Aircraft Memory Game

Our Memory Game is a great activity that will provide students with a sneak peek of various aircraft in the museum’s collection. Instructions for the game are at the beginning of the document. As well, a brief historical description of each is provided.

Museum Activity

The program begins with a briefing by the NAFMC Education Programmer.

Following the briefing, the students will alternate through 3 learning stations. All stations are animated by volunteers. The majority of our volunteers are retired and/or serving members of Canada’s Air Force.

1. Search and Rescue

Students gather at the Museum’s Search and Rescue exhibit. Here they are introduced to the role of a Search and Rescue Technician (SAR Tech) in the RCAF through the storybook “My Neighbour Jumps out of Airplanes”. Afterwards, they look at some of the SAR Tech equipment on display and talk about its usage. A mini parachute target game will give them some basic understanding of the concepts of air and flight.

2. Ready to Take Off

Students visit the C-130 Hercules Aircraft located in the Museum’s Airpark. This plane plays a vital role in the RCAF’s transportation of people, goods and equipment. At times it is also called upon for SAR operations. A former or serving member of the RCAF with HERC experience takes the students through the plane and into the cockpit where they can experience the pilot’s view first hand.

3. I Spy Game

The final portion of the program takes students on a tour of the indoor and/or outdoor exhibits by means of an I SPY game. Students explore, observe, and discuss their findings. While participating, students will discover various aircraft and get an eye-catching introduction to the world of powered flight.

Post Activity

Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their visit to the NAFMC by drawing a picture connected to their introduction to Search and Rescue or their favourite aircraft from their visit to the museum.


For more information, contact Gina Heinbockel-Bolik, the education programmer via email at or by phone at 613-965-3874.

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