Kindergarten — Getting off the Ground

Students get an introduction to flight.


Grade 1 — My Neighbour Jumps out of Airplanes

Students learn about Search and Rescue work.


Grade 2 — Feet in the Air: Eyes on the Ground

Students learn about early flight and aerial observation.


Grade 3 — Materials Mania

Students learn about the different materials used in aircraft design.


Grade 4 — Embracing Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast

Students learn how flight supports life in remote locations.


Grade 5 — Body Building for Aircraft

Students learn how to strengthen materials used in aircraft design.


Grade 6 — Flight: Prepare for Takeoff

Students learn about the theory of flight and the safety improvements for crew members.


Grade 6 to 12 — Tunnel to Freedom: “The Great Escape”

Students learn about the 1944 escape from a Second World War Prisoner of War Camp.


Grade 7 — Let’s Wing It

Students learn about wing structures and build their own wing section and test it for lift capability.


Grade 9 to 12 — Rev’olution of Engines

Students get an in-depth look at aircraft engines and wings.


Grade 10 — RCAF: Discover Our Past

Students learn about the changes and advancements made in flight as part of Canada’s Air Force between 1914 and 1945.


Grade 10 — Canada’s Air Force: Pilots, but so Much More

Students hear about various career opportunities in the Air Force.



Unmanned Flight — the Future of Aviation

The Fantastic Flight of the Silver Dart (Grades 1 to 3)