Canuck CF-100, Mark V


Tail #:  18774
Dimensions:  Wingspan: 17.4m, Length: 16.5m, Height: 4.43m
Max Weight:  15,208 kg
Max Speed:  890 km/h
Crew:  1 pilot, 1 navigator in ejection seats
Role:  Fighter (Interceptor), Electronic Warfare Trainer
In service:  1951-1981

Aircraft 18774 was built in 1958 and probably taken on strength in early 1959. It flew with both the 410 (Cougar) and the 428 (Ghost) Squadrons out of RCAF Station Uplands (Ottawa), both all weather squadrons. In 1961, 410 Squadron started replacing its Canucks with the newer CF-101 Voodoos, and 428 Squadron was disbanded the same year. After that, it is unknown where this particular Canuck ended up before arriving at the Museum. The CF-100 is painted in the same colour scheme as the Canuck prototype created by Avro in 1950.