Dakota, CC-129/C-47/DC-3


Tail #:  12963

Dimensions:  Wingspan: 28.95m, Length: 19.64m

Max Weight:  11,793kg

Max Speed:  369 km/h

Crew:  2 pilots, 3 crew, 36 passengers

Role:  Transport, Trainer, Target Towing, and Search & Rescue

In service:  1943-1989

The museum’s Dakota served with 435 & 436 Squadrons in India from 1944-1946. It was one of many DC3s used to transport supplies and troops to the British Army in Burma. After the Second World War, it served in various squadrons in Canada until its retirement in 1989. Dakota 12963 has been repainted in the Canucks Unlimited, Burma Colors scheme to commemorate its WWII history.

The Dakota aircraft has been with the museum since 1989.

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