Kiowa, CH-136


Tail #:  136204

Dimensions:  Rotor Diameter: 10.77m, Length: 12.49m, Height: 2.90m

Max Weight:  1,360 kg

Max Speed:  222 km/h

Crew:  2 pilots or pilot/observer, 2 passengers

Role:  Light Observation, Trainer

In service:  1971-1996  

The Kiowa is the military version of the Bell Jet Ranger helicopter. The museum’s example served 408 ‘Goose’ Squadron in Edmonton, whose primary goal was to provide tactical air support for the army. Upon its retirement in 1996, the aircraft was given its current paint scheme to honour both the Kiowa and 408 Squadron’s contribution to the Canadian Forces. The image of the flying geese represents 408’s mascot, while the ‘For Freedom’ phrase is the squadron’s motto. The black-and-white markings on the tail are the same markings used by Allied Invasion aircraft during WWII, in which 408 Squadron was involved. The ‘EQ’ represents the unit’s WWII tail code.

The Kiowa has been with the National Air Force Museum since 1995.

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