Musketeer, CT-134 I


Tail #:  134201

Dimensions:  Wingspan: 9.99m, Length: 7.85m

Max Weight:  1,113 kg

Max Speed:  245 km/h

Crew:  2 pilots, 2 passengers

Role:  Trainer

In service:  1970-1992

Musketeers replaced Chipmunks as primary trainer aircraft for the Canadian Forces. The Musketeer Mark I in the Museum’s collection is one of 24 ordered by Canada’s military in 1970 and entered service on March 18, 1971. It was in service at the No. 3 Flying Training School at CFB Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. This Musketeer was retired from flying in 1981 and spent several years in storage before being removed from inventory in April 1987. For many years 201 was on static display at the Southport airport in Portage La Prairie. It was transfered from there to the Museum in 2015 and is painted in the usual yellow and red training colours.