Starfighter, CF-104D, Mark I


Tail #:  104646

Dimensions:  Wingspan: 6.68m, Length: 16.69m, Height: 4.11m

Max Weight:   13,510 kg

Max Speed:  2,334 km/h

Crew:  1 or 2 pilots in ejection seats

Role:  Fighter (Strike), Photo-reconnaissance, Trainer

In service:  1962-1984

This dual-seat Starfighter served with the No. 6 Operational Training Unit in Cold Lake during the 1960s. The ‘X’ marking on the tail indicates that it was also operated by Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment, a unit that evaluates safety and effectiveness of air force aircraft. When 104646 flew from Cold Lake to Trenton in 1983, it was the last Starfighter to fly in Canada. It was stored at the Mountainview storage facility before it was acquired by the museum.

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