Starfighter, CF-104D, Mark I


Tail #:  104646

Dimensions:  Wingspan: 6.68m, Length: 16.69m, Height: 4.11m

Max Weight:   13,510 kg

Max Speed:  2,334 km/h

Crew:  1 or 2 pilots in ejection seats

Role:  Fighter (Strike), Photo-reconnaissance, Trainer

In service:  1962-1984

During the 1960s, the Museum’s dual seat Starfighter operated out of Cold Lake, Alberta, as part of the No. 6 Operational Training Unit. The large “X” marking on the tail indicates that the aircraft was also operated by Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment, a unit that evaluated the safety and effectiveness of the aircraft in the Canadian military. In 1983, Starfighter 104646 flew from Cold Lake to Trenton. This was the last flight of a Starfighter in Canada.