Twin Huey

Twin Huey, CH-135


Tail #:  135102

Dimensions:  Rotor Diameter: 14.69m Length: 17.37m Height: 4.39m

Max Weight:  2,722 kg

Max Speed:  204 km/h

Crew:  2 pilots, 1 flight engineer, 13 passengers

Role:  Utility Helicopter

In service:  1971-1997

Twin Huey helicopters primarily served Army bases and were frequently used on United Nations peacekeeping missions. The museum’s Huey served 427 ‘Lion’ Squadron on overseas missions in Egypt (1987, Multinational Force & Observers), Honduras (1989, UN) and Haiti (1995, UN).  427 Squadron is a Tactical Helicopter squadron based in Petawawa. It is painted in the white colour scheme that it wore during its United Nations missions.